Diatomaceous Earth – Silicon Mineral Powerful For Health?

silicon-mineralSilicon is beneficial to our body in a plethora of ways, including being used to make us look beautiful and youthful. It does this by making our connective tissues and bones stronger and also helps us take care of our hair, nails, and skin. It doesn’t end there, as silicon’s healthy properties also assist in preventing a variety of health problems, including atherosclerosis, insomnia, tuberculosis, and various skin disorders.

There is no shortage of silicon either, as it is the second most plentiful element that can be found in the crust of the Earth. Also, silicon is a key component in technical devices and semiconductors, hence why the hotspot for high tech companies in California is called Silicon Valley. If you want strong and flexible joints, radiating skin, and strong bones, silica is key and is actually required by the body to make all of that happen. It can be found in the body in trace amounts in silanate or silicic acid. Basically, you need silicon in your diet if you want to amplify the health benefits of vitamin D, glucosomine, and calcium.

Symptoms of Silicon Deficiency

Since many of the symptoms pertain to connective tissues, you’ll see the symptoms of silica mineral deficiency quite easily. Not only does a silicon deficiency lead to weak bones, it is also responsible for hair thinning, brittle nails, and more rapid aging of the skin including wrinkles. You can find silicon in the following easily accessible foods:

Key Sources of Silicon

You can find silicon in the following easily accessible foods:

• apples
• cereals
• raw cabbage
• peanuts
• carrots
• onions
• cucumber
• pumpkin
• fish
• unrefined grains
• oats
• almonds
• oranges

How about water? Well, you’ll find more silica in hard water than you’ll find in soft water but Fuji bottled water is well known for having a silica-richness to its aquifer water.

The Various Health Benefits of Silicon

diatomaceous-earthAs I said before, silicon is the second most plentiful element found in our Earth’s crust. What’s the first? Oxygen. Silicon can be found in clay and sand and is also a major component of various rocks such as granite and quartz.

As everyone knows, our understanding of health is always evolving. We used to dismiss silicon as non-important due to the abundance of it in animal and plant tissues. Recent and ongoing research and clinical studies have proven the importance of silicon and the various health benefits that it has for the human body.

Prevents Bone Deformities

Various studies conducted over the years have proven silicon’s ability to majorly help calcium in growing and maintain strong joints and bones. Because silicon raises the amount of collagen (the protein element of bones), it makes the bones more flexible. Do you get injured often? Fear not, as silicon also speeds up the rate of healing for dislocations and fractures of bones. This is still under investigation and study of course, but it is notable to recognize diatomaceous earth as suitable and soluble form of silica for daily in-take.

Prevents Hair Thinning

A refined diet that doesn’t contain nutrients and especially silicon can lead to a nasty skin disease called alopecia, which is hair thinning in laymen terms. Silicon’s health-maintaining properties prompt thick and healthy hair growth. Not to mention, silicon increases your hair’s luster and thus makes your hair look shinier. We researched a popular diatomaceous organization and read what feedback they had aggregated over the years and were impressed to say the least about how many people were benefiting from the use of food grade D.E.

Keeps Your Skin Looking Radiant and Youthful

silica-benefits-skinLook, nobody wants to get you’re your skin gets all wrinkly and flabby and gross. Guess what, silicon will help fight against that from happening. Various clinical studies over many years have shown that silicon plays a key role in preventing the skin from getting to that gross flabby stage. It’s also been shown to make you immune to various nasty skin disorders and it even makes your skin look more radiant. On top of all of that, silicon helps make your eyes appear brighter as well.

Helps Along the Process of Healing

Studies have shown the significance of silicon as it pertains to making you immune to serious diseases such as tuberculosis, along with other diseases that have to do with mucous membranes. I’ve said it before and I feel the need to say it again: Silicon speeds up the time needed to heal a bone fracture. This is reason enough for you accident-prone folks out there to start including more silicon in your diet. Take a look at the importance of bio silicates for human health.

Reduces Effects of Aluminum Toxicity

Various studies have illustrated the link between high amounts of aluminum in the system and the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Brain lesions of those ailed by Alzheimer’s are found to have a higher content of aluminum. How does this all tie in with silicon? Well, scientists have found out that since silicon bonds with aluminum, the gastrointestinal tract is unable to absorb aluminum into it. This diminishes the harmful effects of aluminum toxicity.

Restores Mucosa

Silicon plays a key part in restoring the amount of mucosa in your body’s respiratory tract if you happen to be ailing from dehydration. Good for those who live in places like California where there is a drought.

Stops Your Nails from Getting Brittle: It has been shown that silicon’s role in maintain the health of your nails is actually pretty big. Silicon will keep your fingers strong and looking sexy because of its ability to shield your nails against nasty infections. On top of that it is able to improve the overall quality and health of your nails.

Assists in Strengthening Bones

Believe me, you definitely want strong bones, especially when you’re getting older. Lucky for you (and the rest of us), silicon is a key component in keeping up good skeletal health. It even increases the amounts of bone-strengthening minerals that are present in your bone tissues.

Prevents Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a nasty disease that comes about due to hard plaque forming and building up in the arteries. This build up causes normal blood circulation to be obstructed due to the combination of the plaque build-up, scar tissue, and oxidized cholesterol. According to recent studies on rabbits, silicon supplements have shown to scale down this plaque build-up and as a result, diminish the chances of developing a wide array of cardiovascular issues, such as strokes and heart attacks. Along with the aforementioned Atherosclerosis.

There you have it. Now you know all about silicon and the countless health benefits it has for the human body. Get out there and eat silicon-rich foods. Your older self will surely thank you for doing so.

In closing, not to leave you hanging we should recommend and search amazon for user reviews for both diatomaceous earth and silica supplements for personal due dilligence and feedback from previous users of food grade diatomaceous earth and organic silica.

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